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Feasibility studies: Delivering the potential on site.


At Arup listening to the things that make an asset valuable to our clients, and to their buildings users, gives direction to our designs. Precise performance and lasting value is delivered by embracing collaborative innovation, transparent decision making and early identification of the best ideas.

Delivering energy savings begins with a fundamental design question “Is there a better way of doing this”. Through framing this question in the widest possible context and immersing yourself in the problem, uncovers a real understanding of different opportunities and how to sieve out the most appropriate ones.

Our feasibility studies at project inception stage set out demonstrable savings through the identification of key performance indicators and metrics. Through these and life cycle cost analysis a measurement and verification plan is uncovered to support the recommendations.

These recommendations are developed to encompass the three main elements of any project: quality, time and costs. Our design seeks to adjust these factors independently – improving all three. Innovative design should improve quality while reducing programme time and cost.

Being involved in a project from inception to post-handover allows us to realise the full project potential and verify the savings accruing with our clients. This is a key element as future investments can build on the foundations of past successes, ensuring continuous improvement of energy reduction measures.

Underpinning all of this is collaborative design, for us informed clients are key to successful projects.

About Tadgh Hickey:

Chartered Building Services engineer with 15 years’ experience at Arup. Project experience includes manufacturing industry, data centres, Energy from Waste and commercial developments. Guest lecturer to final year energy students at UCC.

About Arup Consulting Engineers:

Global Firm of Consulting Engineers with over 480 qualified and accredited engineers and staff based in our Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway offices.

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