Interested attendees are required to submit an original case study or leadership article under the heading of Sustainable Manufacturing.

Case studies can address either Industrial energy efficiency improvements or Sustainable (recycling/reuse/reduce) activities under following three key headings

  • Problem Statement/Challenge
  • Solution Implemented
  • Results Achieved

Expert articles can be a perspective or expert view on the Sustainable Manufacturing theme.

Attendees need to submit their final case or expert article study before end January 2019 including below items:

  • Contact details
  • Title of Case Study
  • 100 word abstract
  • 600 word case study under these 3 headings
    • Problem Statement/Challenge
    • Solution Implemented
    • Results Achieved
  • Head Shot
  • Biography
  • Supporting case study images

Once completed your submission will then be passed on to our editorial committee for consideration before being posted on the Energy Symposium website.

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