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Improving your bottom line by increasing your building’s energy efficiency


Using basic physics and off the shelf components being used today in smaller enterprises, we can use the sun’s energy to lower your energy bills on cooling systems around your plant.    This technology scales from small off-grid applications to a industrial complex.


  • Increase the energy efficiency of compressors by at least 20%.
  • Recoup your initial investment in ~1 year, saving money YoY.
  • Monitor the savings real time over the internet
  • Make Ireland’s factories greener than anyone thought possible.


Commercial refrigeration is one of the largest consumers of electricity in today’s world.    The chief consumer of that electricity in those systems is the compressor.   Well-known compressor technology can be enhanced with an off the shelf solar thermal collection system to create an advanced compressor system and bring double digit % energy savings.    The “trick” lies in the use of the ideal gas law:

p * V = Rs * T

Solar Cool, which uses SunSource Energy technology, installs solar panels between Compressor and Condenser.  Utilising the free available energy from the sun to heat the refrigerant & subsequently reducing the workload of the compressor(s).   As free energy from the sun heats the refrigerant, it is provided with thermal energy, this in turn raises the internal energy (the sum of all microscopic kinetic and potential energy of the molecules).

The molecules then move with a higher value of kinetic energy, which simply implies each molecule moves with a higher velocity than before. The molecules collide with one another and rebound with an increased energy, moreover inter-molecular forces weaken and the molecules space out further.   There is an increase in gaseous volume and therefore a naturally increased mass volume flow, resulting in an improved Delta T across the condenser and which lowers the power required to drive the system.

The hotter the sun shines, the more the solar panel takes over the heating of the gas and the more power is saved. The compressor acts  mainly as a pump, providing the necessary cycle flow.     Even in Ireland, the technology can be used to save 20% of the cost of cooling buildings.    And depending on the sun level and type of system, the solar thermal systems reduce the energy consumption (on fixed speed staged, inverter and digital scroll systems) by as high as 60%.

That’s not a typo.

This can be retrofitted onto rooftops without the need to expensive new compressors/systems.    Of course, it’s also a heat pump, so you can run it backwards and create cheaper heating as well.

The technology Covers all sizes, from residential and small offices, to medium and large commercial applications,  to commercial water chillers and refrigeration systems, ranging from 7kW to 900kW.
One Policy: mandatory solar power on buildings of a certain size, and tax incentives to do so.
COP21 Reaction: i fear it’s too little and too late.

About Peter Dice:

Highly creative and award winning Technical Leader with 20 years experience delivering cutting-edge computing solutions–most recently in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. Patent-holder with strong experience in key customer-facing roles, combined with deep technical understanding of all aspects of computing, from the ground to the cloud: HW, SW, firmware, and IoT/Wearables. Well-earned ‘disruptor’ reputation for delivering new technologies that transform business. Skilled at identifying IoT solution synergies and opportunities, and partnering strategically to leverage business improvement via  intelligent systems. Excellent interpersonal, team-building and customer engagement skills, enabling long term relationships with Intel’s top customers worldwide and key partners in IoT, Transportation, Industrial and Consumer electronics. Strong presentation and influencing skills –both internally and with industry groups.  Excellent leadership ability with experience in strategy, policy and influence (Energy, Health, City management and Education.) Extensive business acumen with detailed understanding of IOT standards, business processes and use of IoT business methodologies. Successfully managed large teams across global locations and relishes leading the charge on new innovation launches worldwide.

About Bonesteel Design:

Internet of Things consulting company focusing on industrial applications and educational advancements.

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