Martin Murray

Passive House Association



This paper suggests that to address our ongoing energy needs and Climate Change issues we must address significant inequalities and inadequacies which are deeply embedded in our social patterns. In effect, we need to micro scale our response to energy needs as opposed to the macro scaling which attaches itself to most policy positions. In effect, we need to address

1. Our pattern of Taxation and income distribution

2. Our pattern of land use, exploitation and centralisation

3. Our pattern of rural poverty and fuel poverty

4. Our pattern of professionalism: (reflecting medical, legal and media controls).

5. Our pattern of Education

Two of the key conference topics which this paper wishes to address are the societal aspects of future energy research and the principles of a circular economy. In does so by emphasising that, just as there is no such thing as ‘victimless crime’ so also there is no future energy use without ‘inherent social ramifications’; therefore to address the implications of energy use we must also address it’s social context. This can only be done when the scale of the context is humane and responsible; the micro scale.

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