Maria Archer



It is all about the data!


There are many forms of energy and a key one is emergent energy for our data and new business opportunities. We are in an era where business is knowledge based and becoming more so. Emergent energy is created by our communities of interest and has the potential to deliver massive new markets and revenues. In order to harness this connected world, we have to engage with our communities, our inner connected markets and create our ecosystems.

For many corporates this is going be a difficult transition as it a fundamental business shift from a closed siloed controlled environment.

New forms of powerful conversations are taking place, new business opportunities are being formed and new revenue streams are being created.

Data is key, it is through making data sets and api’s available that our new business services will be created. A risk insensitive approach is needed to create a collaborative business engagement model. By opening up our data into our communities and enabling our employees, partners and suppliers to co-create based on their needs and requirements.

There are many established successful models of co-creation. as an example google maps works through exchanging and receiving data, it is part of the sharing economy. Paypal is an example of a successful emergent strategy. Paypal was struggling and had tried the web unsuccessfully when ebay approached them to use Paypal.

This changed their strategy and business proposition and led to the success that paypal is today.

Open data is at the heart of the internet of things, building new conversations, energy efficiency and new services and products leading to new revenues, innovations and new markets. Solving problems and realizing new opportunities.

There are already a number of examples of the sharing of open data to create innovation that are successful in other markets.

Ericsson can support your business and has the technology that can enable you to take these new conversations!.