Liam Tolton

Second Sight Technical


The numbers never lie.


Many companies just pay their electricity bill without ever really understanding the nature of their electrical consumption.  If you understand the details of your electrical consumption you can discover significant opportunities for saving !

You can do this by initially reviewing your bills and using some features of the suppliers on line system.  The quality of these systems is quite variable so not all of them give you the full picture.  I use specialist software to generate detailed excel based spreadsheets and graphical analysis to dig into the true nature of the client’s electrical consumption.
We used this software to analyse the 2014 Christmas Shutdown period for one client in a large manufacturing site where some critical equipment must operate 24/7 throughout the year.   The average load was ca. 2.2MW.  Following the analysis a structured shutdown was implemented in the following year and in the 2015 Christmas Shutdown the average load was reduced to ca. 1.4MW giving savings of € 21,000 euro over the Christmas break in return for an afternoon’s work for 2 people !

Further reductions are planned for the 2016 Shutdown period !

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