Ken O’Mahony




Take the Leadership Opportunity.


‘To measure is to manage’ and at DELL-EMC’s Centre of
 Excellence in Cork, we live and breathe that philosophy: We continually monitor our manufacturing and production practices and our costs in order to ensure we operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our ‘energy dashboard’ has been an integral part of our best manufacturing practice at the Cork, Ovens site from the first beginnings. As our production volumes have increased – so have our costs decreased. The beginning of 2008 saw our operation using some 60 million kWh’s in annualized electricity, which reduced to just under 37.5 million kWh’s in Aug 2016.

Goals and aims lead the way: Our site energy reduction target for 2016 for example is 8.52% – equating to an electricity reduction target of 3% and a gas reduction target of 27% of our 2015 consumption figures.

In these matters no company is an island, which is why I welcome the opportunity of Ireland’s upcoming energy event in Cong, Mayo, October 14th. Here is a gift of an opportunity to share what we know best for the good of the whole.

Many Irish businesses – in telecoms, IT, computing, med-tech and pharmaceuticals – lead the world in their field. Why not energy?

Since 2008 DELL-EMC Ireland, Cork Ovens, has succeeded in driving down our electricity utility costs by a factor of over 48%. Furthermore, our approach and strategy in our CoE in Cork is replicated by EMC colleagues throughout our offices worldwide.

In energy matters, we lead the way. There is no reason for your business to aim for anything less.