John Walsh

ESB Smart Energy Services

‘Unlocking the opportunity’:

What if someone told you there was an easy way to for industry to lower business overheads, and generate more revenue with a net benefit to the environment? Would you believe them? Question their understanding of modern business realities? Look around for a hidden camera? If your brow furrowed at the mere suggestion that all of these things could be achieved simultaneously, you wouldn’t be alone. Rising competition and the rapid adoption of new consumer and supply chain technologies have seen many businesses around the world struggling to adapt to the pace of change. And long-established businesses in Ireland and the UK are no exception. Indeed the more established the business and the larger the operation, the more daunting the prospect of change—even when innovating holds so much promise. So, what can today’s business leaders do to ensure their company’s continued ability to compete?

One solution is surprisingly simple, especially for organisations with significant energy bills: Engage a collaborative energy services partner with a proven track record to analyse your company’s energy usage and help implement energy-saving, revenue-generating solutions.

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