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Air Synergy


Re-imagining energy generation


Airsynergy are an innovator of revolutionary, cleantech products which generate an affordable, renewable, secure power supply. For the past eight years, the company has worked tirelessly with an unrivalled technical team to ensure that it creates ground-breaking products which can make a massive difference to people’s lives.

In the last couple of years alone, there has been a marked shift in how energy is generated. According to a report by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), low carbon generation methods such as wind, solar and biomass have increased from 37% to 45% from 2014-2015. Whilst coal plants have succumbed to closures and conversions in recent years, renewable energy generation has flourished; particularly wind energy. However, traditional wind turbines have failed to provide adequate power globally. A solution was required in the renewable energy sector. Airsynergy’s radical products can generate electricity almost anywhere; providing power in 80% of the world’s land mass.

Two-in-one wind turbines which utilise revolutionary technology have been created by Airsynergy to ensure that maximum performance is guaranteed. Airsynergy’s Total Energy Solution (TES) is a small wind turbine which utilises patented technology. This consists of a multi-bladed augmenter, which accelerates the airflow, increasing power. This innovative product can provide €4,000 plus worth of renewable electricity annually – providing a fast return on investment and making it the most affordable, renewable, energy generation solution available. The technology which this wind turbine possesses means it is able to provide 100% more power production when compared to any similarly rated turbine in the market right now. This performance is outstanding, considering they are often only as tall as a two-storey house.

Similar technology is evident with Airsynergy’s Renewable Power Unit (RPU) – a wind and solar powered streetlight which offers clean power to towns and cities. These units are comprised of a small wind turbine, similar to the TES, and a solar panel to help light up the world’s urban and remote areas. Here, the velocity of the wind flowing past the blades is increased by a multi-bladed augmenter to generate high power and a high amount of electricity.

Unlike traditional streetlights, they are completely renewable, aren’t connected to the grid; meaning no trenching and ducting costs, and are able to provide excess power which can be used for auxiliary purposes. These two products, which utilise wind and solar power, are a wise investment as they act as an insurance policy against often unstable gas and electricity prices.

Airsynergy also has a sister company, onesynergy, which shares the same values and missions; to provide energy-efficient solutions which benefit the end-user. onesynergy’s specific aim is to create products which reduce the energy consumption of buildings and properties; something which has continued to spiral, despite warnings of an energy shortage. The PAVEL is an innovative air extraction unit, which contains no moving parts and is able to naturally extract air from a building, halving the energy costs, reducing the carbon footprint and negating the use of expensive extractor fans.

In the 21st century, we can no longer afford to rely on coal and gas for reliable power – nor should we when there are a multitude of viable, renewable options on the market. Wind and solar products which utilise unique technology is the future for energy generation, and this is a future which is provided by Airsynergy and onesynergy products.


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