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Creating Models for Pilots in Energy Integration through Dynamic Clusters


An Opportunity for creating Dynamic Clusters in Integrated Renewable Energy Pilots in Ireland.  Collaborate to compete.


The on-shore/off-shore wind, wave, solar power and biomass generation outputs must be integrated with energy storage technology and grid models that work in harmony.  Ireland needs to organise and create demonstrable Pilots for large and small-scale energy initiatives.     An integrated business and technical strategy to harness, store and distribute energy to the grid ‘’the last mile ‘’will require focussed project management.   This requires the creation of value-added energy clusters of companies with IMR acting as the ‘’Go-To’’ enablers and project managers to manage innovation’’ attracting Investors, MNCs, SMES and Academic constituents along with existing energy utility players for large and small-scale innovation. Pilots can be replicated and disseminated but pilots need to contribute to solving energy problems with joined up thinking and using cluster nodes that add value.

Energy clusters and structures:

There is a need to establish a set of pilot projects in large and small-scale energy management and to select different partners who will support a series of pilots in energy.

The needs are project management and structure to design and implement such pilots.

Partners are:

Large Investors. Large Utilities. Technical Project Managers, Multinationals SMEs, Researchers

How to Organise:

The IMR has the mandate, technical capability and capacity to manage an integrated strategy to create dynamic clusters for renewables and act as the project integrators trough advanced manufacturing engineering. Key is to identify 3-5 projects that can manage energy and demonstrate working pilots.


  1. Can IMR create dynamic clusters for energy pilots in Ireland through innovation
  2. Can IMR standardise a number of cluster models for large and small-scale initiatives
  3. Can IMR create the distributed model to support and enable such clusters 

About Frank Murray:

Frank Murray is founder and Managing Partner of The Linkage-Partnership an international business development consultancy based in Ireland, Holland and Switzerland.  Frank is Chairman of Piercom Limited an Irish advanced technology solutions company which focuses on IOT and integration in Industrial Engineering through Information management for companies like GE, Analog, SES, Hi-Life, Kostal, BS&B to name a few.  Piercom were awarded the Smithsonian Medal for Innovation.    In 2018 Frank was re-elected Chairman of the Swiss-Irish Business Association.   Frank holds a B.Sc. in Science from the National University of Ireland (NUIG) in Analytical Techniques & Instrumentation, Chemistry and Mathematics and his postgraduate studies were at INSEAD, Paris, IMD Lausanne and IFL, Sweden where he completed the five-year program in International Advanced Management.

Frank Murray has over thirty-five years international business experience working with Swiss, Japanese, US and Irish companies.  The Linkage-Partnership (TLP) was founded in 2014 to provide a dedicated service to companies to expand their business network.  ”Innovative enterprises need access to value partnerships” The Linkage Partnership are focussed on building such relationships through clusters says Murray.   Building relationship teams and channels for product, services and knowledge enterprises is where TLP add value.  Frank has worked in all aspects of the digital market, in pharma, industrial engineering and supply-chain management and with councils and government initiatives with extensive senior executive experience with Multinational and SMES sectors. Frank was European CEO of POWERCOM industrial engine software division in Fribourg Switzerland and head of Digital Equipment (HP) European Software business operations a €4Bn business in Geneva.  Frank managed the software manufacturing operations for Digital Galway (now HP) and led the international business development for KAO of Japan across Europe Africa and Middle East.  His formative career training was in the US and UK and later career in Switzerland and Ireland.

Frank participates on voluntary boards and was the Knowledge and Technology Officer for the County Clare Local Enterprise Office and is a member of the Swiss, US, European Chamber movements.  He is interested in the power of collaboration and in facilitating and engineering the right networks for companies to leverage their strategy.   

About Piercom:

The Linkage-Partnership is an international business development consultancy focussed on building advanced models in networking and collaboration across industrial sectors.   Linking Partners products and services for SMEs, Multinational, Academic Researchers and Government bodies and The Linkage-partnership provides a wide range of business services to leverage strategic networks




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