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About Frank Caul:

Frank Caul is the current managing director of Sirus Air Con and is one of the two senior partners who created the Sirus group of companies now employing more than 100 people across the country. He has over forty years’ experience in the heating ventilation and air conditioning business (HVAC) and has operated in this energy sector space for all of his working life. 

Frank started his career as an apprentice in Dublin, later worked for a company called Temperature Controls and spent some years in the commissioning department in HA O’Neill’s before heading off to work as a HVAC engineer in Saudi Arabia. On his return to Ireland in the mid nineteen eighties opportunities for employment in this sector were thin on the ground so Frank started his own company, “Temperature Ltd”. 

A number of years later Frank Caul and James Byrne merged their two companies to create the Sirus Group giving them national coverage with business units in Cork and Dublin. The company’s main services are the installation and maintenance of building energy management systems (BEMS) and HVAC services to many different sectors including pharmaceuticals, education & healthcare.  

The group of companies also has a very strong focus on energy. Several years ago they created Ecocute, a company dedicated to energy reduction projects, which has partners Frank and James working with Dr Paul Sikora, a highly respected energy physicist and Tony O’Keefe, Master of Science in Energy, to deliver energy saving and CO2-reducing projects to the Sirus group customer base. Frank and his colleagues are innovators and are responsible for bringing new technology to Irish shores in terms of CO2 heat pump technology. 

Frank recently completed a module in “Energy and the Environment” in CIT in Cork and continues to take an active role in all energy related projects and opportunities in Sirus. Recent examples where Frank’s direct involvement with Sirus customers has helped to dramatically reduce the energy consumption would include Tesco, Primark and Dunnes Stores, UCC and Avocent.  

Building energy management systems are the life blood of any building and are so advanced in modern times that the complete infrastructure of the building can be carefully controlled to minimise energy consumption and maximise comfort and business critical environments. The careful balance between managing the energy used and meeting the building occupant’s demands is where Frank can bring most experience to bear. Frank is very fortunate to have a gained practical hands-on experience in all aspects of building energy systems and contributes to the continued growth of the Sirus customer base through a “roll up the sleeves” attitude and a commitment to delivering quality to customers. 

Frank is member of the committee level of Energy Cork, an industry led cluster launched in 2013 which is promoting the energy industry in the Cork Region. 

In 2015 Frank was elected President of the first Ireland ASHRAE Section which aim is to promote HVAC&R engineering excellence through innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

Frank has been a keen sportsman all of his life, playing rugby at many levels and also coaching young players. He continues to follow Douglas, Munster and the Irish rugby teams and is an avid fan and supporter of sport generally. Frank also loves to sail.

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