Duncan O’Toole

Captured Carbon/Electricity Exchange


Using technology and Purchase Orders to create a  self-financing Virtuous Energy Circle.


Using existing work practices and advances in technology to deliver energy efficiencies and to encourage renewable generation by creating a self-financing  virtuous circle of energy.   The presentation will present the following insights into the changing world of energy delivery:

  • Using existing assets to offer your business as part of a Virtual Power Plant (many of the attendees are currently doing this to a degree)
  • Using the revenue from providing the above services to bring about energy efficiencies thereby reducing costs and creating a more sustainable environment
  • Using your company’s Purchase Order power to develop renewable generation on the Island of Ireland
  • Doing all the above to ensure that companies can report this under the new mandatory Non-Financial Reporting Requirements
  • The challenges and opportunities of purchasing your electricity direct from a wind farm.

About Duncan O’Toole:

Duncan O’Toole is the Founder and Managing Director of CCL Energy a company that is a primary mover in the trading and  delivery of renewable electricity.  He is also Co-Founder and director of Electricity Exchange a virtual Power plant aggregator in Ireland.

About Captured Carbon:

Captured Carbon trades and optimises revenue for multiple renewable generators in the Irish electricity market. It provides green energy to most of Ireland’s Electricity Supply companies and advises participants on all aspects of the market. The Company has an extensive array of commercial dealings with leading utilities, in Ireland and internationally, and manages the commercial trading activities of numerous wind farms as well as other forms of low carbon power generation. With a vast knowledge of energy market trading, CCL also operates an electricity supply unit and an interconnector unit, trading electricity between the Irish and UK electricity markets daily. CCL represents Statkraft GMBh one of Europes largest electricity utilities who have recently entered the Irish electricity market.

The companies employ over 30 staff in their Limerick and Dublin offices.

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