Dr. Lorna Fitzsimons


Topic: TBC

About Lorna Fitzsimons:

Dr. Lorna Fitzsimons is an assistant professor in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in DCU. Research expertise and interests include energy auditing, modelling and benchmarking; thermodynamics and exergy analysis; Life Cycle Assessment; control and automation for energy efficiency. She recently coordinated and delivered two EPA funded projects which audited, benchmarked and modelled the energy and resource efficiency of Irish wastewater treatment plants: Increasing the resource efficiency of Irish wastewater treatment plants (http://www.epa.ie/pubs/reports/research/water/researchreport168.html) and Optimal design of small Irish wastewater treatment plants (http://www.epa.ie/pubs/reports/research/water/research255.html ). Currently, she is a research partner in several national and European H2020 energy and sustainability research projects: https://esipp.ie/; http://saltgae.eu/; https://www.alice-wastewater-project.eu/.

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