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The theme for the Energy Symposium 2016 is the role, future, challenges and best practices of Energy in Manufacturing in Ireland. The Irish manufacturing sector is a major consumer of power in Ireland and manufacturing is a key driver of the Irish economy.  Energy consumption is a key component of maintaining productivity and competitiveness in the global environment. Ireland has a unique opportunity to led global best practices and protect the long term viability of the sector by harnessing the insights of the leaders and jointly creating a roadmap for the future.



  • Thursday Evening 19th October Energy Briefing 
    An inspiring in-camera session with a special guest (to be announced). This unique evening event is only open to 40 attendees and operating under Chatham House Rules offers a rare chance to dig deep and openly share thoughts on challenges ahead. Our expert guest will share rare insights.
  • Energy Symposium
    Day long conference where all attendees present in small clusters spread across 10 different locations in Cong Village. More information (link to below)
  • Conference Dinner
    We envisage the symposium will ignite much debate and thinking and the post conference dinner is designed to harness this to forge closer working relationships amongst the community.



Key to the entry for the Energy Symposium is the submission of 600+ word paper on the theme of energy and manufacturing. These submission can take the form of:

  • Case study
  • Best Known Methods (BKM) sharing
  • Challenges in energy management communication (internally)
  • An opinion piece

Submission Format

Submissions must be:

  • Head shot photo
  • Title of submission
  • Company and personal information
  • At least a 600 word article
  • Include 3 key takeaways/summary
  • Be thought provoking and informative
  • One policy energy change you would like to see in the 5 years (collated anonymously)
  • Reaction to COP 21. (collated anonymously)

All submissions will be uploaded to the website and also included in the post symposium eBook and report to government. All submissions will be vetted by our editorial committee prior to posting on the Energy Symposium website.

Topics and expressions of interest are being accepted now with the full submission due after July 2017.



The submissions will form the core of the day long session on Friday 20th. Each attendee will be given the opportunity to share their unique insights based on their submissions in groups of 10-12 people in a chair led intimate environment.

Session structure

  • Each session lasts one hour.
  • Session kicks off with introductions/life hack (ice breaker)
  • Each attendee given 10-15 minutes to present
  • 3 attendee presentations per session
  • Chair will guide discussion and timings
  • Input into national energy policy formation
  • Rapporteur collates findings

Chairing of session

  • Timings
  • Chair will guide each session, connecting attendees, time management and input into the Energy Symposium report
    • Introductions and icebreaker 10 minutes
    • Attendee presentations 3 X 10 minutes (30 minutes)
    • Discussion 10 minutes
    • Input into energy paper 10 minutes


As presentations are prepublished and shared with all attendees, only 10 minutes will be allocated for each attendee to share the key components of their submission. Flip charts will be available at each location and powerpoint presentations are not allowed. Attendees are requested to verbally share their findings.

The sessions are deliberately short to keep the insights sharp and precise. In order to facilitate attendees need to:

  • Have presentations ready to go.
  • Take guidance from chair.
  • Have thoughts ready on energy policy input

Networking Time

  • 30 minutes networking is built in, following each session, including a one hour lunch, for attendees to connect with each other and to bring discussion further and investigate collaboration

Session locations

  • Sessions will take place in social venues spread through out Cong Village from cafes to hotel/bar/restaurant settings.
  • WIFI will be available along with flip charts.
  • Some venues will be exclusive for Energy Symposium while others will be cordoned off areas in busy open venues. This is deliberate to jar and unlock real world social engagement.
  • All sessions will take place around tables with chair and rapporteur guiding the proceedings.


  • Networking: The rapid session format and inbuilt breaks/dinner/lunch are designed to foster the maximum amount of engagement between attendees. The sharing of posts in advance also aims to give attendees greater visibility and understanding of the different perspectives and worlds for enhanced connection on the day.
  • Post Symposium Report: All submissions will be collated in to a report that will be presented to government. This report will be further enhance by the collated input from the rapporteur on energy policy in Ireland.


Expectation of Attendees

  • To produce a pre-event submission
  • Share their insights on the day
  • Contribute to a centralized group led policy document
  • Smart casual dress code



  • March
    Submission of topic heading and expression of interest.
    Submit now


  • July
    Final Submissions due.


  • October
Thursday 20th October

7.30pm Energy Briefing, Cong, Mayo

October 14th, Energy Symposium Conference

9.30am Symposium Kick Off
10.00am – 11.00am am Session 1
11.00am – 11.30am Break
11.30am-12.30pm Session 2
12.30pm-1.30pm Lunch Provided
1.30pm-2.30pm Session 3
2.30pm-3.00pm Networking
3.00pm-3.30pm Findings from chairs/sessions
4.00pm Dinner, Wrap up and drinks