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Demand Focus Energy Efficiency.

Capmatic is Headquartered in Montreal Canada and has been in operation since 1964 supplying automated equipment for the filling and packaging of Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Chemical & Food products.

The founder Lavinio Bassani started up in Malin Italy and won awards for innovation & design which has helped the company grow and prosper globally.

The company is now managed by his two sons Alioscia who is President and Loris who is Vice-President and head of Manufacturing.

Capmatic have always been focused on efficiency as well as innovation in order to be a market leader and maintain growth.

Using the latest technology to reduce energy consumption allows Capmatic to sell a machine that reduces the cost of ownership over its operating life giving a distinct advantage over some competitors.

Compressed air is extremely expensive to produce and typically 20%- 50% can be lost through leakage. Equipment that relies heavily on compressed not only is expensive to run but also expensive to maintain as pneumatic cylinders tend to wear out or leak after 2 years in continuous service.

In the past five years Capmatic have introduced several machines that require little or no compressed air thanks mainly to advances in servo motor control systems.

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