Daryl Kingston


Energy-efficient vacuum supply for food packaging

For many foodstuff manufacturers, energy-efficient vacuum supply for foodstuff packaging is increasingly being seen from the standpoint of economical processes. Chamber packaging machines, tray sealers or thermoforming packaging machines use vacuum technology to package fresh foodstuffs hygienically and with a long shelf life. The more such packaging machines are used in a company, and the longer the operating times, the more intensively the energy required and the operating costs of the vacuum supply should be investigated. It is important here that the entire packaging process is examined and is not limited to the vacuum technology alone. For this purpose, the vacuum supply must be analysed together with the entire packaging process and all parameters must be optimally suited to fit one another. Busch offers this service in the form of a special “VacuumAudit” The goal of this audit is to achieve optimum energy efficiency for the packager. During this VacuumAudit, the current state is evaluated and suggested solutions are developed for the customer.

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