Anthony Doyle

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Exploitation of Clean Energy within Natural Clean Energy from the Earth’s Resources

About Anthony Doyle:

Background: I was born in Dalkey on 13th August 1954, I lived there for 40 years. I went in Harold Boys school in Dalkey, and for secondary school I attended Dun Laoghaire Tech, being very wilful I left school when I was 15 and I got a job at Kapp & Peterson, a local factory that made smoking pipes. I worked there for 13 years. When I was 33 years old, I discovered I had a creative talent in the form of art. From then I spent a year living in Kensington, London as an artist. It was a very exciting year, but a hard way to make ends meet. I continued to live as an artist when I returned to Dublin, and to date, I still paint. As my creativity grew, I found I had a talent for inventing things, from board games, to energy saving products such as radiators insulators and energy saving kettles.

In 2006, I met David Doherty who had a company called IBD, we went into business together and we formed D&A Concept Design. From there we invented and patented five different energy saving products, an energy saving kettle, a radiator insulator, a billy boiler, a hot plate that keeps food hot without using electricity, and an energy saving oven. We also created two two-player board games for which we have copywrited. We are also working on two other projects, one is relating to the generation of electricity in the sea, and the other is relating to solar power. The solar power project is used to desalinate sea water into fresh water. It works by direct sunlight which is focused on mirrors, focusing onto a hot spot, the spot is then heated to high temperatures. This technology has been around for some time but we have added another technology to it with the use of magnifying lenses. The lenses do not make a difference as far as energy is concerned, but can scale down the plant. There is no need in this day and age, for there to be a shortage of water, in African countries, or any other places with drought issues.

There is also the possibilities of using solar power and wind power for the generation of electricity in the mass production of hydrogen gas. These areas have been researched by the American Navy which have developed vessels which use hydrogen gas. The Norwegian Government have built a plant in the sea, and they are also hoping to produce hydrogen gas. There is no reason why Ireland cannot be in the forefront of this research and development to produce hydrogen gas using wind power as the cost of fossil fuels get higher, renewable energy resources like wind power have great potential in gaining hydrogen gases from the sea.

We are also working on a project which could link Ireland and the UK to the continent, with an undersea floating tunnel. We are engaged in this research. The Norwegian and the Italian Engineering company are in the midst of building one of these tunnels. The concept is simple, and there is no reason why Irish engineering companies cannot be in the forefront of projects like this. With all this work that I do, I do charitable work. I have done a large amount with youth groups in the past, and now I am engaged in other charities such as those for mentally ill people. I run social clubs for mentally ill people, and I organise holidays for them through this club. I am also dedicated to the cause of helping people with mental illnesses start enterprises and helping them to find jobs