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“Gaining a competitive edge through energy saving”


Bolgers are a leading, well respected contract manufacturer who design, validate and produce precision fabricated assemblies and components to the Advance Manufacturing sectors of:

•          Off-highway,

•          Building and construction products, (BCP)

•          Automotive,

•          Medical Equipment,

•          Power Generation/Distribution

Our value offering encompasses 3rd party accreditations (ISO9001, TS16949) with audited production metrics for “On-Time Delivery” and “PPM” scoring.

In the relatively near future, saving energy is going to be a key component in how SME business’ can gain a competitive edge. At the moment, after materials and labour, energy costs (i.e. heat and light) are the single biggest cost contributor to our business.

Currently running at:

•          2013 – 4.8% of turnover

•          2014 – 5.1% of turnover

Closely linked to the above is what will become increased pressure on carbon footprint metrics, from large corporate OEM’s and how our customer interface will change to help us, and consequently help them, achieve proposed energy savings (i.e. a lower carbon footprint) and potential cost downs from their respective supply chains.

Also Linked to this, is the discussion on products originating in Asia and respective proposed carbon tariffs on goods travelling long distances. – One of the fundamental purposes behind the Barack Obama ran initiative of “On-Shoring” in other words “Localisation v’s Globalisation” – Which we take to mean as being an analysis of supply chain and to ultimately re-source supplied product closer to the manufacturing site, which consequently is situated closer to the end user.

What is important with regard to the business relationships is – As a forward-thinking, environmentally cognizant company that is ethically responsible, this can help appeal to our customers, and increase the trust element between the supplier/customer relationship. This will become an important addition to the company value proposition, by way of potentially trading in carbon credits in the future.

My question to the forum is how can large corporate OEM’s work with their SME supply chain to implement best practice and how we can assist one another to achieve these savings on a practical, measurable basis? With a relatively low “return-on-investment”. Perhaps through the use of the following technologies:

•          PV

•          Solar Water

•          Heat Pump

•          Vari-speed servo motors on machines (can we retrofit)

•          Lighting Technology

•          Wind Power

•          Thermal Loading

•          Shift Utilisations

•          Heat Recovery




About Andrew Lynch:

Andrew Lynch – Mechanical Engineer with qualifications in Business Development and Sales. 30 years, multi-disciplined, senior management experience in the indigenous Irish SME sector. Working within highly regulated industry sectors (Advanced Manufacturing, Medical, Pharma, Automotive, Electronics, Electrical, Computing), serving customers Internationally and locally.

Currently, Head of International Business Development. Providing manufactured, engineered solutions to a worldwide, blue chip customer base. Working with respective heads of purchasing and heads of engineering in Multi-National companies (e.g. Caterpillar, JCB, Perkins Engines, Cummins Engines, Medtronic etc.) to help them realise their specific business objectives.

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