Aiden Cawley



The Irish Electricity system is not unique in this regard and is indeed being challenged to move quicker than it has ever moved in the past in the area of electrification

  • New loads requesting connections to the Dublin system is doubling the existing networks load for the city area in the next 5 years. These industrial loads in turn will build quickly and the global scale of their plans will put pressure on the global supply chain to meet said plans.
  • New renewable generation in solar PV has an application for connection in the order of the current Wind generation in operation on the system
  • A changing power flow environment in the low voltage distribution network with the quicker adoption of eVs into the transport system is likely moving into 2020.
  • The newly defined Systems services market under DS3 puts a greater emphasis on resilience and flexibility over capacity making the rise of new business models and storage of power attract significant investment attention.

There is a greater demand for Agility in Energy to meet the increased Electrification, Automation and Digitalisation and the following 3 examples are solutions that Siemens are applying to assist the market to meet the same.

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